Saturday, 1 June 2013

Snapshots of the trip

Namibia:  Turning 45; finding our groove; camping near Sossusvlei

Angola:  Beach camp near Lucira; raw desert beauty and wild Atlantic; três mil; chef Tony

DRC:  Kibeti - a mind-altering and liberating experience; nearly breaking Precious

Congo:  Beautiful Brazzaville; South African farmers; Dimani Falls

Gabon:  Sette Cama freedom; nearly losing Peggy

Cameroon:  Culmination of a lot of negativity on the trip and finding a way through it

Nigeria:  Surprisingly less scarey than anticipated, but still a relief to have it behind us

Benin:  A wonderful Christmas in the north; meeting Lies and Milou

Ghana part 1:  Peggy ill again

Togo:  Who else but the lecherous lepidopterist; fascinating cliff village of Nano

Burkina Faso:  Freedom from myself and long-help trip anxieties; wonderful bush camping; fun with Peggy and Jen

Ghana part 2:  Great Blue Turaco; slave histories; rastas; shooter parties; turning 46

Monday, 27 May 2013

Back where we started

On Sunday 26 May we made our way back to Table Mountain, 413 days after we started!  It was a little eerie in thick mist.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Precious is out of her box

At long last we've got Precious back.  We cleared her in Durban port this morning, 40 days after packing her up in Tema.  Now for the last leg to Montagu to fetch Peggy and then on to Cape Town.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Things I’ll miss

·         Living simple
·         Seeing the stars as I lie in bed in my tent
·         The taste of real “organic” fruit and vegetables
·         Living by the sun – up at dawn, asleep just after nightfall
·         White teeth and smiling brown eyes
·         600mls of ice cold beer
·         “Life” being your exercise routine
·         Peggy’s licks, cuddles and greetings
·         Fat pink baobabs
·         Meeting new people and seeing their faces when we tell them our story
·         Cheery waves as we drive past
·         Sighting new birds
·         The open road taking us somewhere new
·         The gentle alarm clock of birdsong as the sky begins to lighten
·         REAL companionship – my dear friend Belinda

Things I won’t miss

·         Out stretched hands – “Donné moi . .”
·         Long drops after dark once the roaches come out
·         Hand nose blowing
·         Being slimy and sweaty right after a cold shower
·         Seeing live chickens hanging by their feet
·         Smarmy policemen at check points – “What did you bring me today?”
·         Being woken pre-dawn by the incessant sweeping
·         Public urination
·         Crap internet connections
·         Skinny dogs with bloated teats
·         Longing for just a quick catch up with family and friends
·         Pigs/goats/calves trussed up on the back of a motor bike weaving through the city traffic
·         Seeing pre-adolescent girls carrying loads on their heads that would make a grown man break out in a sweat
·         The smell of sewage, burning plastic, sour manioc

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Djin's on her way home

Going home in 4 parts is rubbish!  Jen left last night for Joburg.  Reunion G&T planned for Durban where we hope to collect Precious in a few weeks.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Peggy's on her way home

Last night, we kissed Pegs goodbye and put her in a box bound for Cape Town.  The poor girl will only arrive in Cape Town this afternoon and then has 2 weeks quarantine to look forward to.  It was strange waking up this morning without a wet nose in my face!

With Peggy and Preshy gone, it's really feeling like the end of the trip.